How it all began

Jolisa Mulcare

Games Master


I absolutely love playing games and love a drink.
So why not combine the two!

2020 was a testing time. After being furloughed, I was made redundant due to COVID 19 and found myself trying to find ways to entertain myself. Whenever there was any chance to play games with my mates. When looking for new games to play I realised there wasn’t a great deal of drinking card games that I would play. So I decided to make my own – one that is as fun and silly as me!

After months of hard work (along with words of encouragement from my family and friends) TBC was born! My intention behind the game is to give everybody a chance to escape into a moment of silliness, have a laugh, and enjoy a few shots with friends.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has helped me in the process of making this game– from those who inspired me to those who piloted it. Your kind words and livers are much appreciated!