How to play


Shuffle the cards and place them in the middle. Moving clockwise around the group, simply take turns picking a card. Read the card out loud and follow the instructions.


Separate the cards creating a pile for each category. Remove the Life Line so you are left with 4 piles Commands, Mini games, Dares and Questions. Moving clockwise around the group, simply take turns picking a card from the deck, and read the card out loud. Follow the instructions on the card and try to complete the game.

The game is over when the cards are!

Each player must pledge, by reading the Oath card and take a shot to enter the game. If the game gets too much, you can tap out at any time by shouting ‘TBC’ and finish every player’s drink!

Each player will need 1 shot glass and 1 regular drink with your chosen poison – don’t forget to top up regularly! The game consists of 26 commands, 17 mini-games, 4 lifelines, 27 dares, and 14 questions.

These cards will command you and/or another player to drink, by way of an action or a question.

These cards will present mini games for the entire group or for the player who has picked the card.

If you have selected a lifeline card, this is very much a ‘save yourself’ moment! This card will grant you the opportunity to miss a go or get out of the vortex – both cards can be saved to be used later in the game.

Dare cards are filled with raunchy, funny dares that will have all the players gasping, laughing, and throwing back the shots.

Question cards will have you revealing some interesting facts about yourselves! Be prepared as the cards will delve into the weird and the awkward!

Recommended group size 3-12 players.

Happy drinking and good luck! You are going to need it!

Please drink responsibly!