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A Wild Adult Drinking Game for Parties

  • The game is not over until all of the cards have been completed!
  • 100 cards that will have you and your mates going wild
  • 1 Oath Card 1 Instruction card and 1 Suck and Blow Card
  • Cards are tear-proof, waterproof, and scratch proof for those of you that want to get rough
  • This game is not for the faint-hearted – be prepared!
  • All players must be of legal age to play or purchase this game. Please drink responsibly and safely!

Fine Print:

By purchasing this game, you consent that you are of the legal drinking age and will play responsibly. You also release TBC GAMES Ltd from all and any liability related to playing the game by yourself and any other player. Also releasing TBC GAMES Ltd from any claims or actions of any kind resulting from playing the game. Although this is a drinking game alcohol consumption is not required. No Refunds